20 years + (business) Finance, Freakonomic*, Metalhead**

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My name is Robert Boogaard, born and raised in the north part of Amsterdam (now a hipster area, in my youth a deserted area). After college (Bachelor Commercial Economics), by incident I started my work career in a Finance Department and I never left Finance since.

Connecting Finance to the organization and changing the role of finance has been my biggest drive throughout my career as I believe Finance is able to deliver more value added activities.

Currently developing and crafting my next steps in my career. I am open for opportunities where I can add value with my experience and drive.

*One of my inspirationals books is “Freakeconomics” by Levitt & Dubner.

“Economics is a science with excellent tools for gaining answers but a serious shortage of interesting questions”

**you can watch the film “Metal: a headbanger’s journey (2005)” by Sam Dunn to understand this.




telephone: +31 654690121

email: strengthofnumbers@ziggo.nl


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