Interesting interview with Feelunique’s COO Jim Buckle on CFO Brain.

Article CFO Brain

All in the obvious and in line with my motto (“The second is around FP&A, i.e. taking that data and providing the analysis and support to help people in the business to make the right decisions.”)

but what stood out was this remark.

“…which implies that having good quality information and having financially literate people that will help you interpret that data and are either able to make decisions themselves or support other managers, is really important.”

As transactional work will diminish out of the Finance Function. The Finance Function should be leading in the data gathering and interpreting in order to be in the co-pilot seat of the company.


Gepubliceerd door Robert Boogaard

Financial with 20 years of (business)-finance experience in a high paced national and international environment.

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